Indiana Woodward

New York, NY, United States


May 24 at 12:59 PM

Happy Friday! Just sending everyone a friendly reminder to take some time for yourself today if you can! I just took a little 27 mins to do our fundamental ab series and it helped get energized and totally lifted my spirits!

Sending so much love


May 23 at 05:22 AM

Morning everyone!!

Happy Thursday! Woke up craving some movement and just finished up a Sara Adam’s live Pilates class and highly recommend it! There is a 10 minute class or 20 minute! Whatever your time frame may be I promise moving for even just 10 mins will get your whole body smiling from the inside out!

Sending love!


May 15 at 04:03 PM

Hey everyone!!!
I’m super excited to introduce Sara Adam’s live Pilates class today in about 1 hour!! Is anyone else going to join me!! She is so incredible and wherever you are you’re going to feel so good afterwards!


May 15 at 05:21 AM

Hey everyone! This is Kyra! An incredible teacher that we’ve just added to our platform. We want to bring you an all rounded wellness platform so If you have a moment in your day I highly recommend listening to one of these sound baths and getting a full body and mind cleanse. It is one of my favorite forms of meditating!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Lots of love Indi!



Apr 20 at 02:37 PM

Had a bit of a set back this week with an injury that will hopefully heal soon! It reminded me of being patient with our incredible bodies. Also to enjoy every moment of the day or at least try to be present in each moment. This quote came up and I thought it was such a beautiful reminder to be patient with ourselves and a little work goes a long way every day!

Sending much love!


Apr 12 at 03:20 PM

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to share my little Luna doing her Pilates! I hope you all feel energized and ready for the weekend! Going to finish my Friday with one of Aprils wonderful yoga classes if anyone feels inspired to move!


Apr 11 at 01:45 PM

Hey everyone! So excited to move with you all this eve! Here’s a quote I read today and just loved!


Apr 09 at 06:26 AM

Morning happy Tuesday! Heading in to work for a long day of movement and wanted to share my excitement to start flowing! I hope you all have a moment to do a little movement today! I also wanted to share an incredible podcast that I listened to this morning!


Apr 06 at 02:22 PM

I was reminded today by a repertory direct that Balanchine used to say “Dance as if no one is watching” I wanted to send this wonderful quote to everyone on this platform because it made dancing feel so good today! I recommend channeling that for any of the classes you may take in your life!

With love always


Apr 06 at 06:01 AM

Just about to start a live class! Come join me if you are free!