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July 12

My cal El Guapo joining me for a replay of Sassy’s Sunday Stretch session this morning… He’s a big fan! 😹

June 29

Hello Lovely Grace and Form Superstars💛 I went to play the 25min Back and Arm video (it is a newer video done by Saskia at the beautiful beach house), but it does not appear to be downloaded or allowing me to access the video to play? Any help would be appreciated- I am loving all the new glorious content! :) Thank you for all you do! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

June 18

I recently subscribed to the grace and form studio and I love it so very much!
A few days ago I purchased the 28 day sculpt program addition as well. The description of this program says that ‘it comes with over 30 exclusive recipes, and all you have to do is sign up to the Naturally sassy studio.’
I am a bit confused about that, because I am a Grace & Form member and so far I can not find the recipes. I hope you can help :)
Thank you for your time!
Have a wonderful day,

April 03

Hello! I have been subscribing to Naturally Sassy Studio for years now and it is so wonderful to see the growth into Grace & Form 😊 I just wanted to say that the addition of more 30min and under videos has been really helpful for me. I am currently writing a dissertation for my MSc and being able to take a short break in the form of exercise has been imperative for my physical and mental wellness - helps clear writer's block and fatigue as well!

I'm also wondering if there will ever be in person classes/workshops at some point?

Thank you for a wonderful space to nurture the body 💖